Rajeev Grover

I am always amazed at your email every morning at 5... something. I may kid you, but I really admire your discipline. You have got your act together and your fundamentals of life well in place. -- Jan 2012

Dave Nemoto

Jan 8, 2012, completed the Brazos Bend Trail Half Marathon and place first overall


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Mike Hornback

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Picture from start in Jan 2010 , than Dec 2010 & as of Dec 2011.               

My name is Mike Hornback and I'm 54 years old. I started working with Truong Le at UFIT for the two years since Jan 2010. I was 253lbs and am now down to 184lbs but that is not the best part. My BMI and my percent body fat have gone down from 33.4 to 23 and from 25.6% to 12.4%, respectfully. That's a total lost of 69lbs and 42lbs of it is FAT (ie. over 5 milk jugs of fat). That to me is even better than losing the weight. I sleep better and have more energy than I have in a long time. I am now more physically active than I have ever been. With all this extra energy, I've gotten involved in more activities with my family and spending more time with them as in the past I just go home and sleep or rest in front of the TV. I can do more things physically than I could even when I was in my 20s in the military. My strength has improved and as well as my overall health. All my friends and work associates have noticed the change and have all been impressed with the results I have gotten. This is only the beginning for me. Truong give me goals for this year which I broke almost all of them. For the next year and I intend to meet and maybe even break them as well. At this point I will go forward as I cannot see ever going backwards I like the way I am feeling and looking. Truong has made me want to do better and has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could. My journey keeps getting better and I keep getting stronger and fitter. Who can ask for anything more than to be healthy and fit?

As someone once said "Fitness is not a destination; it's a journey, and it's a process. To think that we will arrive at a state of fitness perfection one day and stay there without continuing on our journey is a dream." One cannot ever stop training and improving. If they do, they will fall back into bad ways that will rob you of your life and energy. The best part of getting there is the journey, which will keep going on as I progress toward ever changing goals. Remember your lifestyle is evolving and it is something, which you cannot just finish. You have to maintain your healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your results. You also have to fight the effects of aging on the body and metabolism. It can be done, but not in one step. You have to keep going on and never stop. These are the wisdoms and philosophies that UFIT follows. Truong and UFIT professionals can help anyone willing to take the journey and can keep you on track to make sure you make progress and get the results you are looking for. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at hornback@flash.net.

Kurt Kunzat

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 Jun 09                                                Dec 09

I met Truong when I was not planning to...what I mean is that life has a way of finding you when you are not looking. I was FAT...to my wife and to others, but to me I was just a bit overweight and depressed on the inside. On the outside everyone saw this big guy with this big personality. We had just relocated to the area a few months before. Trouble with money, job, kids adjusting to new school, etc. All of these make havoc on the mind and body.

Sitting with Truong, he began to sense my interest in getting better, eating better. I listened...my favorite 'take away' I remember from our first meeting is that one needs to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. (Like a square, on side, fruit and veggies, another, meat, another, dairy, eggs and the last side pay and get out!) Go inside the store is all the junk you can find to kill yourself!

I will say that going from nearly 50% body fat at 287 pounds to 21% body fat and 245 pounds feels like a miracle. But here is the thing, for me I kept falling off track, kept cheating, kept getting depressed...this stuff is really hard! Finally something snapped inside of me and due to Truong's heavy commitment to me I bounced back again and again. Now, at 44 years of age, EVERYTHING has improved in my life and I mean EVERYTHING! I have never been so strong, my kids are loving me more, my energy goes ALL day long, my wife thinks I am hot and sexy! If that isn't enough, my income is going up, my church and relationships with all my friends and family are much better!"

Mark Martin

I completed Truong Le's Holiday workout on June 30, 2011 after nearly 4 months of P90X training. Truong's Holiday workout was tough. This workout was a great physical fitness test workout. It required both strength and endurance to complete. Every one of the 17 exercises had its own unique variation which made the exercise that much more challenging. I would highly recommend training with Truong Le at UFIT if you are looking for motivation and that extra degree of difficulty in your workout routine to achieve a higher level of fitness -- July 2011

Shannon Mackin

I was frustrated with my weight loss plan when I first talked with Truong one year ago. After losing my pregnancy weight three times after having three babies, I had hit a plateau and couldn't shed the last five pounds. Everything I had been doing stopped working, and I was starting to give up. Truong was very patient about listening to all the details regarding my weight loss plan. He immediately identified my problem -- somewhere along the line, in the busyness of life, I had stopped finding the time to drink a proper amount of water each day. I started drinking water again, lost the weight within two months, and have kept it off a year -- Nov 2010