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Weight Loss

"Hello my name is Jody Garza and this is my story about how Mr. Truong Le helped me achieve my weight loss goals. Last year, as my 55th birthday neared, I began to take inventory of my life.  For the most part, I felt complete. I was extremely happy and very busy being a wife and mother with a career in child care. However, I weighed 145 pounds and this did not make me happy. In my busy life, there seemed to be little or no room for exercising or eating healthy. I decided to make some personal changes that would benefit my overall health.

It was at this time that I met personal trainer, Truong Le who helped me make life changes for the betterment of my health and overall well being. These changes included but were not limited to; healthier food choices, supervised work out routines, and walking. Truong helped me create a customized workout routine that was suitable to my body type, age and height. I worked with Truong three times a week for weight training and aerobic exercises which focused on both the upper and lower body. They included burpees, air squats, and sit ups. Under his advice, I also began walking four miles every other day.

Before long the pound were falling off and I looked and felt better. One year after I began training with Truong, I weigh 111 pounds and feel great. I am very grateful to Mr. Le whose expertise and encouragement helped me accomplish my goal of becoming healthier. I would recommend his service to anyone who is ready to take the step of improving his or her own health."