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A few years ago, having two young children playing and training soccer, gymnastics and martial arts and wanting to be very involved in their daily activities and also not wanting to give up my active live, playing golf, wanting to achieve 300 yard drives and working out 4 to 5 time as week,  I decided that I can do it all.  I said to myself “There’s 24 hours in a day.  I can be more efficient and use my time wisely.”  As an engineer specialized in operational research (work place efficiency and process improvements), I decided to use myself as a test subject. 

First, I eliminated all the time wasting activities such as watching television, optimize travel time between activities, and minimize sleep time.  Secondly, I focused on my workout routine and techniques.  How can I integrate run for cardio and resistance training for strength and make my workout more efficient in less than 5 hours at the gym per week?  I researched workout techniques, worked out with experienced and non-experienced people and found out how they trained and discovered the best and optimized techniques.

Research from John R Ratey MD (author of Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain) found that “… in the anaerobic range (high intensity exercise), the pituitary gland in your brain unleashes Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  This is what life-extension groups call the fountain of youth.  The level of HGH naturally secreted into the bloodstream…” 

This motivated me to stress the important of high intensity exercise, training harder and toward exhaustion.  I am one of a very few people in the gym wearing a heart monitor while performing resistance training.  I’m monitoring my heart rate, calories burned and training to fatigue.  My VO2 max and strength have improved greatly.  At 49, I sleep better, I don’t require more sleep, and I am very energetic.  I am a lot stronger, my endurance is much longer, and my energy is very high.

I used what I learned from others and then developed my philosophy of Ultra Fitness Integrated Training (UFIT).  I want to share this technique to help other achieve their fitness goals in a more time efficient matter.

This training style incorporates fitness training with weight training, core exercises, plyometric training, Yoga technique & martial arts philosophy for a full body workout – in development of muscle strength & endurance plus cardio endurance for mental toughness. All my workouts are designed to be completed in an hour and burn 700 to 1000 calories.  Individuals will be able to achieve their highest aerobic capacity while developing muscle endurance and strength that they can be proud of. 

Mission Statement

It's not P90X, CrossFit or your average training methods - UFIT is different!

LE ULTRA FITNESS INTEGRATED TRAINING (UFIT) - is all about being slim and fit. My goal is to help you build ENDURANCE and ENERGY to achieve LIFE LONG happiness and contentment.


I believe that it is NOT about how much you can lift or bench. Society would have you believe that if you can't bench 500 pounds, you are not strong. The real question is, "How many push-ups can you do, sit-ups? How long can you walk? Jump?" The only person you compete with is yourself! At the end of the day, would you like to say that "I carried my friend a mile and saved his/her life!"   By implementing the UFIT way, you can achieve your goals and aspirations.


I can help you:

With this approach, I hope to improve your quality of live and build your endurance one step at a time!


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