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Truong Le - Mr UFIT

truong le dec09Truong Le graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree of Science in Industrial Engineering-Engineering Management. Truong is a fitness buff. He has trained and helps many of his friends and co-workers lose weight. Truong understands how to weight train and how to practically apply the benefits of being fit. A few years ago on the urge of his friends and co-workers, Truong completed a personal training certification program.

Truong Le is a certified Personal Trainer and Sport Nutrition Advisor through AFTA (American Fitness Training of Athletes). As a young man, Truong started training in Blue Dragon Kung Fu martial arts. His interests and skills progressed and developed to become a martial arts instructor. While attending a University of Houston weight training course and working at the university fitness center, the experiences inspired him to integrate weight training, martial arts and fitness into his daily life. Truong trained many martial arts students of all ages for over 15 years. His enthusiasm for martial arts and hardcore fitness training has more than prepared him for the philosophy of  Ultra Fitness Integrated Training (UFIT). This is incorporating fitness training with weight training, core exercises, plyometric training, Yoga technique & martial arts philosophy for a full body workout – in development of muscle strength & endurance plus cardio endurance for mental toughness.

What do you?

Discipline - Remembering what you want.

Focus – Putting your heart into what you want.

Sacrifice - Giving up to get what you want.

What do they say?

"Truong's intense, very intense, realistic, but fair." -- Fred Skinner (friend for over 20 yrs)

"Truong's approach to achieving his personal and professional goals (including his fitness training) can be characterized by three words: Competitive, Caring, and Committed." -- Skip Johnson (friend for over 25 yrs)

"Truong, you're cheating, you're cheating, Father Time" with a smile. -- Karly Charles-Pierre

I hope all is well with you and hope to be as fit as you one day. You are my hero!"-- Marcus R.  (friend & ex-green berets)

"I saw your video on your website, very impressive. Man, I was telling Marcus earlier that you were like the “Energizer Bunny” you kept going and going and going. That is awesome, I hope to get to that level at some point as well. "  -- Mario S. (friend)