Family Program

You want the best for your children. The best schools. The best colleges. The best jobs. How about the best health? Start your children off on a path toward a lifetime of health and fitness with our family wellness programs. At U-FIT, our family wellness programs offer fitness, food, and fun, all while developing good habits early that can lead to long-term healthy and fit lifestyles. Houston-area families are welcome to participate in fun activity sessions and nutrition guidance programs. With backgrounds in nursing and family counseling, our fitness professionals can help bring a lifestyle change to your whole family. We'll help you become more active with exercises and sports that you'll find fun and effective, and we can work with parents to implement lifestyle and eating changes at home that will lead to a healthier tomorrow for all.

We offer:

• Traditional fitness equipment and accessories, including balls, bands, and jump ropes

• Customized and affordable buddy session program for up to four family members (ages 7 and older)

•  Opportunity to speak to schools and parent groups about family health and fitness issues and strategies.

An hour is all it takes

Today, your new journey to ultra-FIT!  

Eat right and workout the U-FIT way, results will come!